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Due to some issues with the domain, it's taking longer than expected to redirect it to the new host. Because of this, we've decided to use a temporary IP that you can use to connect to the server.

The old mc.pumpkin-patch.org IP should be back in action in a few days, but in the mean time you can use: []

Please report any bugs/glitches that you encounter on the Report a Bug forum.
rainbow_dash8 The sever is up. Why dose it say its offline? I tried the IP on this website and the old IP they did not work then I we ...
rainbow_dash8 Why is the sever offline again
Robin_Hood_2000 The IP leads me to Spudcraft or something like that, either the IP is wrong or I'm typing it in wrong, or that IS the se ...
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rockysunset   created a new thread I'm back! in the General Discussion forum
rainbow_dash8   created a new thread Offline in the Report a Bug forum
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