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Gosh I probably should have posted this weeks ago, but better late than never I suppose. 
Soooo, I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that the server isn't up and running at the moment, nor has it been for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, it seems it's going to stay that way indefinitely. 
The Pumpkin Patch is a community driven server that is run entirely off of player made donations. Due to some of Mojang's recent stirrings, server donations have to work a little differently. (You can read all about it here

The nature of these new rules require the various rewards you get for donating to be a lot less appealing to players, thus less donations. Keeping a large server up and running is not cheap and none of us admins can afford to pay for it out of pocket. Therefore, we unfortunately have no choice but to shut it down. 


A little over two years ago, three of us (Hyger, Pumpkin_Rot, and myself) had started to mess around in Minecraft and we discovered multiplayer. We're naturally destructive souls so we destroyed anything we came across. 

Pumpkin and I joined this one server that was supposed to have grief protection but it just so happened that the day we joined, their protection plugin broke. They foolishly sent out a server-wide message saying "ATTENTION EVERYONE! YOUR CHESTS AREN'T SAFE! HIDE YO KIDS! HIDE YO WIFE! CUZ THEY GRIEFIN EVERYONE UP IN HERE!" Of course Pumpkin and I immediately went crazy. We had so many chests full of loot it was insane. It was so much fun! 

The next day, of course, we had been banned so hard it hurt so we had to look for another server to pillage. We did this several times and eventually doomghoti and SoftPuppy got interested. Together the five of us joined a server called GreatStoneDragon (I think it's a Mulan reference.. but they never mentioned it so I dunno) It was a server that allowed griefing so we were really excited. We built a couple bases and got raided a few times and nearly quit... but then! Mojang released an update that doubled world height! WOW! What they didn't know.. was that it also doubled the world height in the nether. That means that you can build above the bedrock in the nether. Pumpkin_Rot randomly came across a glitch with enderpearls in his singleplayer that got him up there and he had a great idea. A base above the nether. We would be unstoppable. 

So we got back on GSD and through a series of teleportation shenanigans managed to set our homes above the great bedrock ceiling. We immediately got to work. We built a dirt tower all the way up so that the red nether-fog obscured the top, then we made a huge dirt platform. This was our new country. Over time we built an entire city up there. It was so cool! Easily the best base on the entire server. (Because it allowed griefing, nobody was even living above ground) We went on some raiding campaigns, the most notable of which was the time Hyger pretended to be a girl and got in to another group of players. Then, like a villain removing his mask, he teleported all of us in and we completely destroyed them. We were merciless. We took everything.

To deal with our new found treasure, I made several secret redstone controlled passages within our city. We hid the treasure throughout these little holes so it would be completely safe!  *QUE DARK FOREBODING MUSIC* Shortly after, the staff heard of our successful raid and took notice. Several times they visited us. One time they even killed Pumpkin. The meddling fools! 

After a while they decided they didn't like how safe we were up there in the nether, so they started digging holes in the bedrock and building ladders up to it. We filled them in. They did it again and said "HEY SOMEBODY'S LIVING ABOVE THE NETHER! GET THEM!" Still nobody could find us. Our base was obscured by fog. So one day, the owner of the server, the slimy, disgusting, monstrous, hideous "rengorf" teleported a group of players right into the middle of our base. Dirty. We were torn apart. They dug out our ground and smashed our transportation system. Raided all our visible chests. Yada Yada. But they didn't find our secret horde. HAHA! 

Our spirit was broken, though, so we all slandered and insulted the staff until we were banned. (How young we were) But before I was banned I gave away all our god armor and weapons to a fresh player on their server. Aren't I great? He was probably killed shortly after.
Our crushing defeat on GSD had left us furious. HOW DARE THEY DO THAT!? IT WASN'T FAIR! Why, if WE were running a server WE would NEVER interfere with players like that! 

We started the Pumpkin Patch almost exactly two years ago and we had no idea what we were doing. (we didn't even have an anti-cheat plugin because none of us even knew there was such a thing as a hacked client) Our spawn was just a little hole in the sand and the day we launched it, we didn't even think anybody would join. But we had posted it on a few forums and within 15 minutes of us starting it we had about 12 players join. We were completely shocked. We panicked and ran around the room screaming our heads off. 

Over time, we moved the spawn to be a little wizardy tower just outside of Lower Hoboken (now known as Woggenwort) and it was great. Our playerbase was increasing and we even had some players who rarely weren't online. We saw empires rise and fall, like the legendary BlackStar faction. We watched our players change and grow and it was all so exciting! We made friends all around the world. We went on some other servers to do research on how to make our server more role-play based. On one server, we role-played as pirates and had this huge ship and crew! A lot of that crew even came back over to the Patch with us! WOO! We went through a lot and learned a lot about running a server and eventually made it in to the Pumpkin Patch that you all know today... 


The curtain is drawn and the stage is dark. BUT FEAR NOT! For this is not the last you shall see of the great Pumpkin Patch! This website will remain up and running, but not to keep you updated on the server. It will be for something else! 

We are currently (and have been for some time) writing a story based around the Pumpkin Patch universe which we will turn into an animated series on Youtube. We'll post updates and teasers here for your enjoyment, so keep an eye out for that. Also, if you want to get in contact with us you can do that here (Or on steam - my name is "stapleshotz" Woah!)

So, for now, I bid you adieu! But before that I want to personally, and on behalf of the entire Pumpkin Patch staff, thank each and every one of you for helping to build this fantastic universe. Also, for giving us such a wonderful, and irreplaceable experience! Thank you! 
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