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So, there's been a lot of rumors floating around of the Patch making a return. Well, this is partially true. I, Zephyruskai, your president and leader of all the things, hereby announce the availability of a "pseudo" Pumpkin Patch. Thanks to the jointed efforts of several of our members, (namely Antonyo2001 and Devtrev), the Pumpkin Patch has been returned, though at a fraction of its former glory. They have available only one world, Pumpkinia, and only 24 available player slots. For the time being, it's meant to be a small time gig. If you are interested, the IP is Please remember that this is extremely limited, so no shenanigans because I'm a fuddy duddy. I'm on part of the time as some form of staff and so is Antonyo. If you have any questions, post them here or something. Kay? Kay! Thanks for reading, and sorry for messing up the news feed, gaise. I just wanted to let you know. 

1209348756 Is pumpkinpatch (the texturepack) going to do another april fool's joke like they did last year? Because I thought it wa ...
[Mod] Zephyruskai He is an idiot but that's beside the point.
Rebin Dev is still an idiot He bombed Woggenwort
Dark_Impalor   created a new thread Come Back!!! in the General Discussion forum
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Pumpkin_RotFor Those of you that are interested, Stapleshotz, Hyger, and myself are playing on the minecraft server Massivecraft. We'd be happy to invite you to our faction! Come play Minecraft with us! The IP is [link]

/msg me in game!
The Role-Play and PVP Minecraft Server
MassiveCraft is a very popular Role-Play and PVP Minecraft server. Everything that happens in the MassiveCraft Universe surrounds a deep and strong lore , also known as storyline, ...
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[Mod] Zephyruskai   I joined. It's pretty awesome :sick:
rinzler2400   Doooooo it, join us. I'm there as well when my isp isn't screwing me over. :sick:
Rebin   it's scary mayday mayday
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stapleshotzSo for those of you who don't know and still frequent this website, doomghoti, SoftPuppy, and I are in a band and we write music and stuff. One of our songs was used in this commercial. So that's a thing.
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Rebin   10/10
stapleshotz   :sick:
[Mod] Zephyruskai   Solaria used to work for them a year or so ago Lol that's quite an achievement!
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